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Adding points or monetary wallet value

Returns an OK code and a JSON representation of the newly created user purchase progress record. A sample is below:

  "result": {
    "code": 1,
    "status": "ok"
  "results": {
    "result_method": "post",
    "username": "",
    "params": {
      "user_id": "1334972",
      "campaign_id": "57",
      "amount": "5.25",
      "log_message": "Adding a value"
    "user_purchase_progress": {
      "id": 17499239,
      "user_id": 1334972,
      "currency_id": 2,
      "amount": "5.25",
      "progress_type": "Manual",
      "log_message": "Adding an amount manually",
      "created_date": "2015-02-20T13:40:24+00:00",
      "mutation_owner_id": 1
    "result_type": "add-user-purchase-progress"


  • Call name: add-user-purchase-progress
  • Endpoint URL:
  • Request methods: POST
  • Auth required: yes


This API call adds a points or monetary wallet amount to the wallet of a specified user. The amount of user_purchase_progress that can be added by an admin_user is limited by the Campaigns max_manual_daily_amount. However, a user with super_user permissions is not limited by this constraint.

HTTP Parameters

The following HTTP parameters can be passed to the API:

Parameter Description
user_id or username or member_number or authentication_point_identifier (integer, one mandatory) the ID in the Spaaza system (user_id - integer), email address (username - email address), member number (member_number - string, normally numeric) or identity in a third-party authentication system (authentication_point_identifier - string) of the user to whose (points) wallet the amount is to be added.
campaign_id (integer, mandatory) the ID of the campaign of the (points) wallet.
amount (integer, mandatory) the currency amount to be added (positive value) to or subtracted (negative value) from the user’s cashback account. This amount should have maximum two (2) decimal places.
log_message (string, mandatory) a text log message used for recording why the amount was added or subtracted.

Permissions and Authentication

This API call requires valid Spaaza authentication. The following authentication schemes are permitted:

  • Admin authentication: the performing user needs to be logged in and have write access to the entity (business or chain) to which the user is connected.
  • Privileged authentication: the use of privileged authentication is permitted for this endpoint.