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Logging in on behalf of a user

  • Call name: session
  • Endpoint URL:
  • Request methods: POST
  • Request Content-Type: multipart/form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Response Content-Type: application/json
  • Auth required: yes
  • X-Spaaza-MyPrice-App-Hostname header required: yes

This API call allows you to login on behalf of a user. This API call only works with privileged authentication.

HTTP Parameters

One of the HTTP parameters below must be passed to the API endpoint to identify the user:

Parameter Description
username (string) The username (email address) of the user
user_id (string/integer) The Spaaza user id of the user.
member_number (string) The unique membership number or code for the shopper.
authentication_point_identifier (string) The ID of the customer on a third-party identity system, such as a webstore. In order to be used, this value must be known in the Spaaza system.

Permissions and Authentication

This API call requires a valid Spaaza session. The session can be as follows:

Parameter Description
privileged An OAuth-based mechanism for trusted third-parties,the use of privileged authentication is permitted for this endpoint.


The following headers can/must be passed to the API call:

Parameter Description
X-Spaaza-MyPrice-App-Hostname (mandatory) The hostname of the app the user is affiliated with.


Returns an OK code and a JSON document for the user, including the session_info for the user which can be used to access other Spaaza endpoints. A sample is shown below:

    "result": {
        "code": 1,
        "status": "ok"
    "results": {
        "user_info": {
            "id": 3636813,
            "user_id": 3636813,
            "first_name": "Jane",
            "last_name": "Smith",
            "birthday": "1980-01-01T00:00:00+00:00",
            "signup_channel": "mobile:ios",
            "username": "",
            "authentication_point_identifier": null,
            "auxiliary_identifier": null,
            "mailing_list": {
                "mailing_list_sub_offered": false,
                "mailing_list_subscribed": true,
                "printed_mailing_list_subscribed": true
            "entity_code": {
                "type": "regular",
                "code": "3636813"
            "opt_in_programme": {
                "programme_opted_in": false,
                "join_date": "2020-05-18T09:32:57+00:00"
            "obfuscated": false,
            "country_code": null,
            "address_streetname": null,
            "address_housenumber": null,
            "address_housenumber_extension": null,
            "address_line_2": null,
            "address_line_3": null,
            "address_towncity": null,
            "address_regionstate": null,
            "address_postalcode": null,
            "member_number": "3636813",
            "language": "en-GB",
            "opt_in_secondary": null,
            "registered": true,
            "is_employee": false,
            "push_notification_subscription": {
                "subscribed": false,
                "subscriptions": []
            "loyalty_status": null,
            "frequency": 0,
            "recency": 0,
            "monetary": 0,
            "overall": 0,
            "stores": "",
            "online_shopper": false,
            "offline_shopper": false,
            "average_basket_value": "0.00",
            "days_since_last_purchase": null,
            "number_of_purchases": 0,
            "referring_user": null,
            "referral_code": "lxzwvs"
        "session_info": {
            "session_key": "84f895eda81892bacf53ac2538d96d14fda32a50889f55e85fa461e241e31f65",
            "session_auth_method": "password",
            "session_key_validity": "15552000",
            "session_user_id": 3636813,
            "session_username": "",
            "session_expires_date": "2021-04-28 11:14:40"
        "result_type": "session"