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Interact with campaign

An example response for successful interaction with any campaign

  "result": {
    "code": 1,
    "status": "ok"
  "results": {
    "success": true,
    "result_type": "interact-campaign"


  • Call name: interaction-campaign
  • Endpoint URL:
  • Request methods: GET
  • Response Content-Type: application/json
  • Auth required: yes

The interact-campaign API endpoint carries out a configured campaign interaction for an end-user (customer). This might result in one of many possible actions, such as the issuing of points or vouchers for a campaign.

The campaign logic itself dictates the result of the interaction. The role of the interact-campaign endpoint is not to describe this result, but only to respond with whether the interaction was successful or not.

Note that, in the case a reward has already been redeemed, a 200 OK response is sent along with a warning campaign_fully_redeemed.

Permissions and authentication

This API call requires a valid Spaaza session. The session can be as follows:

  • User authentication: a session generated by an end-user login.
  • Admin authentication: the performing user needs to be logged in and have read access to the entity (business or chain) to which the user is connected.
  • Privileged authentication: the use of privileged authentication is permitted for this endpoint.

HTTP Parameters

The following HTTP parameters can be passed to the API:

Parameter Description
campaign_id mandatory (integer) The ID in the Spaaza system of the campaign with which the customer/user is interacting.
chain_id mandatory with admin authentication (integer) The id of the chain for which the information is being requested.
user_id OR member_number OR authentication_point_identifier mandatory with admin or privileged authentication The Spaaza unique ID (user_id), member_number (user code) or identity in a third-party authentication system (authentication_point_identifier) of the user for whom the campaign interaction is being requested.


The following headers can/must be passed to the API call:

Parameter Description
X-Spaaza-MyPrice-App-Hostname (mandatory in the case of user authentication, not required otherwise) The hostname of the app for which the user is requesting the card.

Possible error responses

The following represents a list of possible error responses for the interact-campaign endpoint:

Code Name and Description HTTP Status Code
6 no_valid_session
The user needs to be logged in and a valid session key needs to be sent
68 permission_denied_or_non_existent
This user has insufficient permissions for this object or the object does not exist.
154 user_id_invalid
The user_id passed must be an integer up to 10 digits long
217 chain_id_not_found
No record has been found for that chain_id
228 auth_method_invalid
The given auth_method parameter has an invalid value.
238 myprice_app_not_found
The MyPrice app you requested was not found.
245 campaign_id_not_present
The campaign_id must be passed as a parameter.
246 campaign_id_not_found
The campaign_id supplied could not be found.
247 campaign_id_invalid
The campaign_rule_id passed must be an integer.
264 myprice_app_without_entity
The requested MyPrice app does not have an entity associated with it.
265 authorization_invalid
The given authorization header is invalid.
266 access_token_invalid
The given access token is invalid.
267 no_valid_user
A valid username needs to be specified.
269 no_myprice_app
Myprice app is required.
270 user_not_found
No user was found.
405 entity_mismatch
The entities or chains supplied do not match.
416 multiple_parameter_mismatch
Multiple parameters supplied when fewer are required.
419 parameter_invalid
One of the parameters is invalid and should be in a different format.
424 access_denied
Access is denied.
449 campaign_not_active
The requested campaign is not active.
450 campaign_fully_redeemed
The rewards of this campaign have been fully redeemed.
451 insufficient_points_for_interaction
Not enough points available to continue.