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Creating a Referral Campaign

In Spaaza referral programs are made up of one or more Referral Campaigns which can be configured and managed through Spaaza Console. Creating Referral Campaigns is quick and easy.

Steps to create a Referral Campaign

Imagine the following scenario: Your company wants to create a common referral incentive structure:

Existing customers can refer their friends who will receive a €20 voucher, once they sign up following the link they received. After the first purchase the original customer also receives a €20 voucher.

To create a campaign login to Spaaza console, select ‘Campaigns’ in the left vertical menu. In the top-right corner you can find a “Create campaign” button. An overview of the various campaign options will pop-up. Select a “Referral” campaign and you’ll be taken to the edit section of your new campaign.

Spaaza console overview of all available campaigns

1 Campaign basics

Give your campaign a simple, descriptive name. Depending on your user interface setup you could choose to show this name to customers, If this is the case choose a simple, customer-friendly title that communicates the benefits. To activate the campaign, toggle the “Enable campaign” switch below the campaign title.

2 Define audience

Selecting an audience allows you to create a referral campaign for a specific group of people. Note that this targeting applies to the referring and not the referred person. New segments can be created or changed in the “Customer” section of Console.

3 Set the incentives

Choose from the available reward types and enter a value when applicable. You need to set an incentive for both the referred and referring customer.

4. Add promotional content

Depending on your integration setup, promotional content (image and campaign description) can be shown to people when they engage with this referral program (in an apps, my account page on the webshop, etc). If this is not applicable you can leave these fields empty.

The referral campaign “Edit” page

Running more than one Referral Campaign at a time

A benefit of Spaaza’s, campaign-driven, referral solution is that you can run multiple referral campaigns targeted to different groups at the same time. This means that you can tailor a referral program to certain people - VIPs, employees, influencers, etc. THere is no limit to the number of referral campaigns that can be run at a time.

To give an example: you may have a general referral campaign in place where customers can refer their friends with a “Give €20, get €20.” reward. To reward the loyalty of customers that already purchased more than 3 times with you, you set up an additional campaign that is targeting your “VIP customers” segment (create customer segments in the “Customers” section in Spaaza Console). This campaign runs with a “Give €30, get €30.” reward.

Multiple referral campaigns running

With these two referral campaigns in place, Spaaza takes care of the correct application of the incentives.

Should you wish to run multiple referral campaigns, or plan to do so in the future, we recommend considering the communication of the campaigns to the relevant customer groups in advance. Where possible we would recommend using the Spaaza API to show referral campaign promotions content dynamically to customers based on their profile instead of “hardcoding” static content. Talk to a member of our team if you need help setting up a user interface to handle multiple referral campaigns.