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Integrating referrals into webshops, apps and stores

Spaaza is an omnichannel solution meaning our tools are designed to work wherever a brands operates.


For Spaaza Referrals to work you will need to have connected Spaaza to your webshop. In addition you can also choose to support referrals in your apps and stores and to connect your existing marketing communication tools. These will also need to be connected to Spaaza to work.

Spaaza offers a pre-built integration for Magento 2 webshops that also supports our full Referral tools “out-of-the-box”, and no custom setup work is required to get started (we’re working on adding similar solutions to other standard webshop integrations we maintain).

For webshop integrations we maintain (Magento 2, Shopify, SalesForce Commerce Cloud), or for integrations our partners have built, most of the tools necessary to run a referral program will already be supported but some additional setup work may be required. For more information see our integration guides and developer documentation.

Apps and other websites

Spaaza’s referral tools can also be integrated into apps and other websites using our developer tools, UX components (iFrame) and API.

Integration into POS (in store)

Spaaza also supports referrals in physical stores through our POS integrations and in-store tools. See our POS integration guide for more information.

This guide assumes that an integration has been successfully set up. If you want to talk about adding support for Referrals in your setup please contact our support team for specific advice.