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Setting the loyalty level of a user

Returns an OK code and a JSON for the user. A sample is shown below:

  "result": {
      "code": 1,
      "status": "ok"
  "results": {
      "loyalty_level": {
          "id": 123,
          "campaign_id": 123123,
          "name": "VIP",
          "description": "VIP level in the Loyalty Programme",
          "automated_level_logic": "0"
      "result_type": "alter-user-loyalty-level"


  • Call name: alter-user-loyalty-level
  • Endpoint URL:
  • Request methods: PUT
  • Auth required: yes
  • X-Spaaza-MyPrice-App-Hostname header requirement: mandatory when using privileged authentication
  • X-Spaaza-Request header: optional and can be used for to record signup channel (see below)


This API call changes the loyalty level of a user to that supplied.

HTTP Parameters

The following HTTP parameters can be passed to the API:

Parameter Description
user_id (string/integer, mandatory) the ID of the user (programme member) in the Spaaza system. If the member_number parameter is supplied, this parameter should not be used.
member_number (string/integer, mandatory unless the user_id parameter is supplied) the member number in the programme of the user (member) whose loyalty level is being changed. If the user_id parameter is supplied then this parameter is not needed and the user_id parameter will take precedence.
loyalty_level_id (integer, mandatory) the ID of the loyalty level which that of the user (programme member) is to be changed to.

Permissions and Authentication

Admin authentication: the performing user needs to be logged in and have write access to the entity (business or chain) to which the user is connected.

Privileged authentication: the use of privileged authentication is not permitted for this endpoint.