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Importing data into Spaaza

It is possible to import data into Spaaza or create it in bulk - this is normally done using a CSV file and can either be done by uploading the CSV file into Console when you configure a task (a type of campaign) or as part of professional services work carried out by the Spaaza team.

It is possible to import/bulk create the following data types:

Data Type Bulk Action Route Notes
Campaigns Import Campaigns Console Create campaigns in bulk
Baskets Import Historical Baskets Spaaza Team Import historical baskets/transactions for customers (note that data is not imported at the item level)
Users/Customers Import Customers From CSV Spaaza Team Import user/customer accounts in bulk (see guide)
  Import Customers From Shopify Spaaza Team Import/synchronise all Shopify customers into Spaaza
(Points) Wallet Amounts Import Wallet Amounts Spaaza Team Assign wallet amounts to specified users
  Convert Balances Between Wallets Spaaza Team Move balances for specified users from one wallet to another, optionally multiplying them when moving
  Multiply Balances Spaaza Team Multiply or divide wallet balances of specified users by a multiple or factor
  Update Balances to Nearest Multiple Spaaza Team Update wallet balances of specified users up or down to the nearest multiple of a number
  Reset/Zero Wallet Balances Spaaza Team Reset or zero wallet balances of specified users
Vouchers Create Vouchers In Bulk Console Create vouchers in bulk for all users in a segment or CSV file

Please get in touch with the Spaaza team if you would like more information about importing data into Spaaza

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