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Address format

Understanding address data exchange between Spaaza and Shopify

When dealing with address synchronization between Spaaza and Shopify, it’s important to consider the structural differences in how addresses are formatted within each system.

Key Points:

  • Different address formats: Spaaza and Shopify use different methods for capturing address information like address_streetname, address_housenumberand address_housenumber_ext to accommodate various global address formats. Shopify, however, uses a simpler method with just two fields, address1 and address2, which is more typical in North America. This approach captures the entire address in one or two lines without breaking it down into smaller components.

  • Integration challenge: Integrating Shopify’s address format into Spaaza’s more detailed system poses a challenge. Specifically, Shopify’s address1, which often contains the complete address in one line (e.g. “Keizersgracht 42-2”), can be difficult to split into the more granular components required by Spaaza.

  • Solution approach: To address this, we’ve decided to map Shopify’s address1 to Spaaza’s address_line_2. This decision is aimed at avoiding complications that could arise from trying to split Shopify’s single-line address into Spaaza’s multiple, detailed fields. it’s more about preventing issues for customers due to these differences in address representation.

  • Focus on street and residence-level details: The integration mainly affects the representation of street and residence details. It’s important to communicate that this change does not impact the less granular elements of an address, such as town, region, and country.

  • Simplification and clarity: This approach simplifies the management of addresses from Shopify, making it easier to share addresses between Shopify and Spaaza without the need to separate them into detailed components.

  • Reference for Spaaza’s address format: For a clear understanding of Spaaza’s address formatting requirements, it’s recommended to refer to the add-user documentation. This will provide insight into the specific requirements for each address field within Spaaza and aid in formulating a comprehensive parsing strategy.


We aim to have the address in Shopify appear exactly as it would on a traditional mailing envelope for clarity and ease of use.

What you need to do:

  • Ensure that any address information sent from external services to Spaaza is formatted to match Shopify’s two-field system.
  • Be aware that details in Spaaza’s address_streetname, address_housenumber, or address_housenumber_extension fields will not transfer to Shopify.