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Mailchimp (Transactional) Integration

Integrate Mailchimp Transactional (formerly Mandrill) to trigger emails and communication flows in response to specific events in Spaaza, such as loyalty level changes or voucher issuance.

Available triggers

The following Spaaza triggers are available for Mailchimp Transactional:

  • Customer Opt-In (shopper.opted-in). Triggered when a user opts in to the programme.
  • Wallet Mutation (shopper.points-mutation). riggered as a result of a mutation (a credit or a debit) occurring on a user’s wallet.
  • Loyalty Level Changed (shopper.loyalty-level-changed). Triggered when a user’s loyalty level changes.
  • Voucher Issued (shopper.voucher-issued). Triggered when a voucher is issued to a user.
  • Voucher Expiring (shopper.voucher-expiring). Triggered when a voucher is about to expire.
  • Password Reset (shopper.req-pwd-reset). Triggered when a user resets their password. This is used to send a password reset email.

Set up the Mailchimp Transactional Integration

Integrate Mailchimp Transactional with Spaaza by obtaining a Mailchimp Transactional API key and configuring it in the Spaaza Console.

  1. Login to Mandrill: On Mailchimp select transactional email from Automations tab on the sidebar. Click the Launch App button where you’ll be redirected to Mandrill their transactional mail service.
  2. Configure your sending domain: Mailchimp provide detailed documentation see.
  3. Obtain a Mailchimp Transactional API Key: Different from the Mailchimp Marketing API key, ensure you’re using the correct one. For generating a Mailchimp Transactional API key, see Mailchimp Transactional API documentation.
  4. Configure in Spaaza Console:
    1. Go to Settings in the Spaaza Console.
    2. Under Integrations, click “Add an integration”.
    3. Select “Mailchimp Transactional”.
    4. Enter your Mailchimp Transactional API key.
    5. Click “Save”.

Create a Trigger

To create a trigger for email flows based on events in Spaaza:

  1. Design your email flow in Mailchimp Transactional.
  2. In Spaaza Console, go to Settings > “View all triggers”.
  3. Click “Add a trigger”, then select “Mailchimp Transactional”.
  4. Choose the event type, e.g., “Loyalty Level Changed”.
  5. Enter the email flow’s subject line from Mailchimp Transactional. This must match exactly.
  6. Click “Save”.

Next you will need to configure the Mandrill rules engine

  1. First export the email templates you’ll need for your transactional emails to Mandrill. In Mailchimp, click on Content -> Email Templates and then on the dropdown next to the edit button for the template click Send to Mandrill. Please note that Mandrill requires that the email templates were created using the Classic editor.
  2. Now back on Mandrill click on Outbound -> Templates and you should see that the Mailchimp templates have been exported Mandrill.
  3. Next click on Rules and click Add Rule. Here you will configure the rules that match a Spaaza trigger with an email template.
    1. Click add rule and give the rule a name.
    2. Next create a rule that if the subject line matches the subject line you set in you Spaaza trigger then set the Mandrill template.
    3. Click submit.


Ensure you’re using a Mailchimp Transactional API key, as a Mailchimp Marketing API key will result in authentication errors.

For more on Mailchimp Marketing API keys, refer to Mailchimp Marketing API documentation. For more information about the Mandrill rules refer to