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Spaaza is a software company that builds tools to incentivise modern commerce. Our tools are used by brands to run their incentive marketing activities.

Spaaza’s tools can be used to create loyalty programs or specific incentive programs - for example a referral or “refer-a-friend” program. Spaaza’s programs are built to be dynamic, meaning the activities can change frequently. They are also personalised which means different users may see different content (and for example a refer-a-friend program may only be available to “VIP” customers).

An important part of our solution is connecting with the webshop system that a brand uses. This guide provides an overview of how webshop systems can connect to Spaaza.

Webshop systems can connect with Spaaza via our Application Programming Interface (API). This API is already used by webshop systems as well as Point of Sale (POS), email marketing solutions and other software systems and partners in countries around the world.

Spaaza is often also connected into other retailer systems, for example Point of Sale (POS), marketing systems and customer service tools.

Webshop integrations maintained by Spaaza

As part of our software solution Spaaza does provide and maintain extensions for some webshop software solutions. These extensions make it easier for Spaaza to be integrated into webshops using this software. Currently we provide extensions for the following webshop software:

Many other webshop solutions have also built integrations with Spaaza.

This guide does not cover these existing extensions but rather focusses is on how to build a new integration to Spaaza for a webshop that is not yet supported. For specific documentation on one of our existing extensions please contact a member of the Spaaza team.

The diagram below provides a high level overview of how a webshop integration may fit into a larger solution:

High level webshop architecture