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Associated Terms
Promotion, Loyalty
Parameter Names Used
campaign_id, campaign_type

In Spaaza campaigns are used to issue incentives to users based on certain interaction events, baskets (transactions) and user changes.

In the Spaaza data model, a ‘campaign’ does not only describe a traditional “promotional campaign” or “advertising campaign,” but has a much broader definition. A Spaaza ‘campaign’ represents a set of logic and actions which can be applied to end-users across the whole of the domain associated with a retailer or customer organisation. Spaaza has a set of API endpoints which can be used to add, view, manage or delete campaigns and their properties in order to affect the end-user experience. Additionally, a broad suite of analytics tools is provided to track performance of campaigns and the customers who make use of them.

For example, each of the following examples is managed as a campaign, or set of campaigns, in Spaaza:

  • Points wallet - using a ‘wallet campaign’ is it possible to give each customer a points wallet and add points to or remove them from the wallet when events occur such as signing up for membership, or making a purchase. Fine-grained actions are possible using customer segments, such as “double points between 2 PM and 6 PM on a Tuesday in Anytown branch store for customers who previously bought ACME-branded products.”
  • Referral rewards - it is possible to configure a ‘referral campaign’ which rewards both a customer and their friend with a voucher when the customer signs their friend up and the friend makes a purchase.
  • Order discount - a ‘basket campaign’ can be used to give customers a percentage- or monetary-based discount on a basket at checkout time
  • Loyalty programme - a loyalty campaign and associated loyalty rules can be used to configure an entire loyalty programme with loyalty levels and rewards based on status and actions within the programme

Managing campaigns and monitoring performance

In almost all cases, campaigns are managed using the Spaaza Console portal. Performance is also tracked via the Spaaza console using our realtime analytics and graphing tools.

Campaign types

It is possible to configure and manage multiple types of campaign through the Spaaza API. A brief explanation of each campaign type is provided below. The Type field is the name used for the campaign in any API requests and responses. The Title is the name for the campaign Spaaza uses in user interfaces and non technical documentation.

Title Type (API) Description
Product discount campaign product Personal discounts on specific products
Spend and Earn campaign cashback Converts a percentage of the amount spent into a wallet contribution.
Spend Target campaign progress Issue a reward when a customer reaches a specified monetary spend target.
Signup campaign signup Issue a reward when a person creates an account (and opts-in to the program).
Birthday campaign birthday Issue a reward to a person on their birthday.
Basket discount (promotion) basket Applies a percentage discount on a basket at checkout.
Referral campaign referral Issue a reward to people who make a successful referral and to the person who is referred.
Profile Completion campaign profile_completion Issue a reward to people when they add specified fields to their profile.
Purchase Number campaign purchase_count Issue a reward when a person reaches a specified number of purchases.
Manual manual Manually added
Interaction campaign interaction Issue a reward for a generic interaction using Spaaza’s API
Points Wallet points_wallet Issue and manage points which can be exchanged for other benefits. Link levels to points saved
Credit Wallet wallet Issue and manage monetary credit that people can save and spend in stores or apps
Base campaign loyalty Base campaign used to manage core loyalty program rules
Exchange campaign exchange Allow a person to convert non-monetary wallet value (e.g. points) into a voucher
Home image campaign mobile_content An image that links to other app contents
Login campaign login Issue a reward to a person when they login via a specified app or website
Matching Item campaign matching_item Issue a reward for every matching item in a purchase.
Item Count campaign item_purchase_count Issue a reward when a target number of matching items has been purchased.
Upload campaigns bulk Use a Spaaza campaign CSV file to create campaigns in bulk
Subscription subscription Subscribe to additional member benefits (using Stripe as a payment processor).

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