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The Spaaza API

Spaaza’s API allows developers to create their own applications on top of the Spaaza platform. All Spaaza’s in-house apps and other services make use of the API endpoints described in this documentation.

Please get in touch with us using the chat button at if you have any more questions.

Useful API resources

POSTMAN collection

POSTMAN is a great application for helping test API calls - configure and view all details of requests and responses to most APIs. You can use environment files to configure parameters passed and it provides code snippets so you can recreate the calls in your own project.

Spaaza has its own POSTMAN “collection” - a grouping of calls configured for the Spaaza API endpoints. Just import the Spaaza collection and environment file into POSTMAN, fill in your Spaaza API authentication and configuration details in the environment file and you can start making calls straight away.

You can download the Spaaza POSTMAN collection from our repo:

Spaaza POSTMAN collection

Check back frequently for updates.

YouTube channel

There are some videos on the Spaaza YouTube channel including the following:

Getting started with the Spaaza API

Getting started with the Spaaza API

More of these are coming soon - we’re adding guides and videos frequently.

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