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Campaign Promotion Element


The Campaign Promotion Element shows a single incentive campaign Promotion from Spaaza. The promotion is displayed in a card-based layout.

A campaign promotion’s purpose is to publicize a particular campaign to a user and incentivise them to perform a desired action or set of actions. Campaigns are created and managed in Spaaza Console and a campaign’s promotion styling (background colours and images, etc) and layout style can also be managed here.

Showing multiple campaign promotions

If you want to show multiple campaign promotions and do not know the id’s of the campaigns use the Campaign Promotions Element.

Using the Campaign Promotion Element

To include a Campaign Promotion on a webpage do the following:

  • Add the following script tags at the top of the page
<script type="module" src=""></script>
<script type="module" src=""></script>
  • Add the Environment tag to the contents of the page (below the script tags). Include the Campaign List within the Environment tag
<spaaza-environment config="your_config_goes_here">
    <spaaza-campaign-promotion id="12345" ></spaaza-campaign-promotion>
    <!-- other Spaaza Elements and HTML goes here  -->

Element Properties

The following optional properties can be passed:

Property Description
id (optional) The id of the campaign. You can get this from Spaaza Console
appearance (optional) Determines the card display style. There are two options: “flat” or “raised”. The default is “raised”.