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Klaviyo integration and triggers

You can trigger emails and other communication flows in Klaviyo when certain events occur in Spaaza. For example when a voucher is created for a customer or a status level changes.

Set up the Klaviyo integration

First, set up your Klaviyo integration in Spaaza

  1. Create a Klaviyo Private API Key, see this article from more detail
  2. Open Settings in Spaaza Console
  3. Under Integrations, click on “Add an integration”
  4. Select “Klaviyo”
  5. Add your Klaviyo private API key
  6. Click “Save”

Your integration should now be active. You can now use Triggers in Spaaza Console to send a message using Klaviyo.

Create a trigger

To create a trigger when a specified type of event happens. In the example below we will trigger a mail when a loyalty level changes in Spaaza.

  1. Create the email flow you would like to trigger in Klaviyo via Spaaza
  2. Open Settings in Spaaza Console
  3. Under Integrations, click on “View all triggers”
  4. Click the “Add a trigger” button
  5. Select “Add a Klaviyo trigger”
  6. Under “Event”, select “Loyalty Level Changed”
  7. Enter in the subject line of the mail Flow you have created in Klaviyo (this needs to match exactly)
  8. Click “Save”
  9. Test this flow by changing the status level of a test customer in the Spaaza Console

The process above can be completed for any other event type in Spaaza.

You can also create Klaviyo Triggers for specific campaigns in Spaaza. To do this open the campaign page and then select “Triggers”. From here you can add a new Klaviyo Trigger for this specific campaign and a related event (for example a voucher created by the campaign) in the same as described in steps 4 to 9 above.