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Points, Points Wallets, Monetary Wallets, Credit Wallets, Stamps, Stickers, Contributions, Ledger

In Spaaza, Wallets are used to manage points and other digital currencies as part of incentive programs. Wallets can be “contributed” to by campaigns in Spaaza or through our API. There is no limit to the number of wallets that can be active and wallets can also be targeted and available to only a specific group of users. For example a monetary wallet for influencers or a stamp card for a VIP customer segment.

There are two type of wallets:

Points Wallets

Points Wallets can be used to create points based loyalty and incentive programs or for example digital stamp cards. “Points” in a Points Wallet can exchanged (through Spaaza Exchange campaigns) for other types of incentives but do not have an inherent monetary value. A common and simple use case for a loyalty program would be to set up a Points Wallet together with a campaign that would contribute a point to a person’s wallet for every euro spent.

Monetary Wallets

Monetary Wallets store a currency value that can be redeemed against baskets (transactions) in the form of vouchers. Users can typically choose how much of their saved value they want to spend against a transactions.

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