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Spaaza is a cloud-based software company that builds tools to incentivise modern commerce, wherever customers shop or interact with a brand.

Spaaza’s tools can be used to create and manage next-generation loyalty programs or specific incentive programs (for example a referral or “refer-a-friend” program or a next general employee program). Spaaza’s programs are built to be dynamic, meaning the activities can change frequently. They are also personalised which means different people may see and receive different incentives or rewards (and for example a refer-a-friend program may only be available to “VIP” customers

POS systems can connect with Spaaza via our Application Programming Interface (API). Spaaza’s API provides POS systems with many options for integrating with the goal of creating the best possible experience for both customers and also store staff. Spaaza’s API is already used by many POS systems as well as webshops, marketing solutions and other developer partners around the world.

The flow diagram below illustrates the typical flow between Spaaza and POS system needed to redeem vouchers and send completed orders to Spaaza.

A typical POS integration data flow

Spaaza is often also connected into other retailer systems, for example the webshop, marketing system and customer service tools. The diagram below provides a high level overview of how a POS integration fits into the larger solution:

High level architecture