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Program data from Spaaza’s API

While the webshop is in the “lead” for the customer account Spaaza is the “source-of-truth” for all loyalty and incentive program data. This includes points data, status levels and vouchers. Spaaza may also be used to run additional, personalised, promotional activity although this would typically not replace the existing promotional tools in a webshop.

While it’s possible that incentive and loyalty data from Spaaza can be stored in the webshop account whenever it is requested, best practice is for the webshop to get the latest data from Spaaza whenever it needs to display this to the customer.

To get all the loyalty and incentive data for a customer the get-card endpoint](/api/get-card) can be used.

The specific loyalty data returned will depend on the loyalty campaigns that the brand has active in Spaaza but may include for example:

  • Points Wallets balance
  • Credit Wallets balance
  • Status level (e.g. “Silver”, “Gold” etc)
  • Active campaigns or “promotions” applicable to the customers (a campaign could cause points to be added or a voucher to be created)
  • Available vouchers