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Occasionally Spaaza makes changes to the payload sent to or response received from an API endpoint. In order to maintain backwards compatibility with existing API clients a versioning policy is put in place. The aim of this policy is to make using endpoint features as simple as possible.

Usually a Spaaza API endpoint maintains backward compatibility without requiring special flags, but in the case that a specific version is required, the API documentation for that endpoint will show clearly what is needed. If there is no information about versioning in the documentation for a specific endpoint, then there is no need to do anything. Spaaza recommends sending an appropriate version header with all API requests.

Occasionally version-specific changes become available in the Spaaza API which affect multiple, or all, endpoints. This kind of change is described in the section API-wide version information below. Again, this kind of change is designed to be non-breaking and as backwards-compatible as possible.

Using a specific endpoint version

With certain Spaaza API endpoints specific versions are implemented. In order to the latest version of an API endpoint, a version header is sent along with the request to the API endpoint. The documentation for a specific endpoint will always contain information about which version number should be used.

The following header is used for specifying a version:

  • X-Spaaza-API-version:

Spaaza uses standard semantic numeric major.minor.fix version numbering, for example:

  • X-Spaaza-API-version: 1.4.3

API-wide version information

This section includes information about version-specific changes which affect multiple, or all, endpoints in the Spaaza API. In the case that these changes affect all endpoints, for example a change in the way error responses are handled between different versions, a description of the change is not usually included in the documentation for any specific individual endpoints.

A description of each of this kind of version-specific change is shown below.

1.4.4 - Update get-card display for cashback campaigns.

  • Returns Campaigns of type cashback as cashback within the promotions block.

1.4.3 - Update currency display in get-card response

  • Returns a standard currency object across all campaign types within get-card promotions block.

1.4.2 - Allow float values for basket item quantities

  • Allow float values for basket (line) item quantities in get-basket-price and add-basket
  • Update parameters to allow multiple parallel wallets
  • Previous name of basket_vouchers array in response JSON of get-vouchers changed to vouchers.

1.4.1 - Remove URL format requirements

  • Remove requirement for .json or .php suffixes at the end of API endpoint URLs
  • Remove requirement for v1/ in API endpoint URLs

1.4.0 - Updates to formatting of JSON error responses

  • Error responses for all API endpoints updated to reflect semantic correction of errors -> error where only a single error is returned.

API clients using a version number less than 1.4.0 will receive the previous error formatting in the JSON returned in the error response. Documentation for older clients is available on request.

1.1.8 - Updates to formatting of JSON in get-basket-price and add-basket endpoints.

  • get-basket-price endpoint request and response JSON updated to change parameter names
  • add-basket endpoint request and response JSON updated to change parameter names
  • lock-voucher endpoint parameters and response JSON updated to change parameter names

API clients using the above endpoints should use a version number greater than or equal to 1.1.8. Documentation for older clients is available on request.