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Adding a campaign


  • Call name: add-campaign
  • Endpoint URL:
  • Request methods: Form POST or JSON POST
  • Auth required: yes

This API call creates a new campaign. Campaigns are a generic mechanism for doing time based discounting and personal pricing actions. There are multiple types of campaigns.

HTTP Parameters

The following HTTP parameters can be passed to the API:

business_id or chain_id (mandatory, not both) the ID of the business or chain (entity) which the campaign is to be associated with.

type (mandatory) A string which indicates the campaign type. The following types are allowed:

  • basket
  • birthday
  • cashback
  • competition
  • content
  • interaction
  • item_purchase_count
  • login
  • loyalty
  • matching_item
  • mobile_content
  • points_wallet
  • product
  • profile_completion
  • progress
  • purchase_count
  • referral
  • signup
  • subscription
  • wallet

Different campaign types in Spaaza require different parameters to be passed. For a detailed breakdown of campaign types and fields see this page


The performing user needs to be logged in and have write access to the entity (business or chain) to which the campaign is connected and the user must have permissions_business_chain_campaign set to true in the permissions table.


Returns an OK code and a JSON representation of the newly created campaign. Note that it includes an empty rules field which will hold information about each rule that is part of this campaign. To add rules, use :ref:add-campaign-rule after adding a campaign.

Returns an OK code and a JSON representation of the newly created campaign. A sample is below:

    "result": {
        "code": 1,
        "status": "ok"
    "results": {
        "campaign": {
            "id": 2,
            "chain_id": 1,
            "title": "ACME Login Campaign",
            "description": "€10 reward for logging into our app for the first time",
            "active": true,
            "active_time_from": "12:13",
            "active_time_until": "13:14",
            "active_weekdays": "7",
            "operator_type": "or",
            "created_date": "2021-04-02T11:58:15+00:00",
            "last_modified_date": "2021-04-02T11:58:15+00:00",
            "rounding_strategy": "neutral",
            "rounding_precision": 2,
            "created_voucher_claimed_by_default": false,
            "voucher_expiry_days": 365,
            "excludes_assignment_matches": false,
            "recipient_reward_method": "voucher",
            "recipient_reward_amount": 5,
            "recipient_reward_discount_ratio": 0,
            "user_channel": "mobile:ios",
            "currency": {
                "currency_id": 2,
                "currency_code": "EUR",
                "currency_name_en": "Euro",
                "currency_symbol": "\u20ac"
            "is_active": false,
            "is_deleted": false,
            "is_default": false,
            "excludes_referred_users": false,
            "visible_to_all_user_segments": true,
            "type": "login",
            "minimum_basket_total_value": 0,
            "last_updated_date": null,
            "field_localisations": null,
            "assignment_count": 0,
            "parameters": [],
            "image_filename": null,
            "image_url": null,
            "image_link": null,
            "image_dimension_x": null,
            "image_dimension_y": null,
            "supports_contribution": false,
            "is_contributor": false,
            "recipient_campaign_id": null,
            "supports_user_segments": true,
            "user_segment_id": null,
            "excluded_user_segment_id": null,
            "voucher_title": null,
            "voucher_description": null,
            "voucher_notes": null,
            "voucher_text": null,
            "voucher_image_url": null
        "result_type": "add-campaign"