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Release Notes

On this page you can keep up to date with new functionality that has been added to Spaaza (from January 2023). We typically release updates every 3-4 weeks, with major changes described here.

21 March 2024 - Spaaza API additions and improvements (API version 1.5.1)

  • Google and Apple wallet integration for showing membership passes
  • Allow an end user to request to update their own password
  • “Favorite Store” - added functionality calculating and returning a user’s favorite store in API endpoints, based on their recent purchase history
  • “ARTS POSlog” - added functionality to import ARTS (Association for Retail Technology Standards) POSlog transaction files into the Spaaza system
  • Added cost price functionality to basket items in get-basket-price and add-basket endpoints in order to allow profit margin calculations and analytics sliced by various parameters such as store, product, user segment etc
  • Standardised custom headers to use X-Spaaza- prefix
  • Services API now returns standardised error codes and messages
  • Upgraded unit price rounding to max 4 decimal places in basket items and receipt line items in get-basket-price and add-basket endpoints
  • Added authentication_point_identifier as a parameter in get-user-vouchers endpoint

5 March 2024 - Spaaza Console improvements

  • New transactions section: view, filter and export transactions.
  • New transaction overview page: see details of transaction and view the customers receipt.
  • New category report with top products per category.
  • Signup channels report.
  • Improvements to signups report.
  • Top signup channels report.
  • Improvements to stores report export - comparison dates and KPIs now included.
  • Improved task export with ability to export JSON or CSV (transactions and wallet mutations only for now, vouchers and people export coming soon).
  • Bug fixes: issue with customer comparative date ranges, bug with filters on geo coordinates.

9 Jan 2024 - Spaaza Console improvements

  • Rich text editor for notes fields: format campaign notes and voucher notes in Markdown with visual feedback as selectors to be used in app/website client.
  • Voucher expiry notifications: add and manage task triggers related to a specific voucher expiry notification.
  • Product price trends graph: visualized product price changes over time on the dashboard.
  • Local time zone for analytics: reports and analytics automatically align with your local time.
  • External URLs in app content section: link to external resources within app/website client.
  • Sorted country codes: selection of countries when creating new users.
  • Chain ID visible in settings: view chain ID in the settings page.
  • General improvements and bug fixes: enhanced performance and reliability of the console.

4 Dec 2023 - Spaaza API additions and improvements (API version 1.5.0)

  • “Business Groups” - features to group chain branches and introduce the concept of a user belonging to a business group, which can be used as a region and based on user location, and used to target campaigns.
  • “Meal Deal Promotions” - promotional campaigns allowing grouping of campaign assignments, and redemption in basket calls
  • “Client-Led promotions” - allow basket API endpoint clients (e.g. a POS or e-commerce) to define which promotions are applied to items in a basket, rather than requiring a call to get-basket-price to do that
  • “Fixed Monetary Discount” - promotional campaigns allowing a fixed monetary discount to be applied to each matching item in a basket
  • Various performance improvements, bug fixes and deprecation notices

1 Nov 2023 - Spaaza Console improvements

  • Activate and de-activate webhook triggers
  • Refresh people segment search with a button
  • Improve rounding support for contributor campaigns and add rounding support on wallets

8 May 2023 - Updates to get-basket-price and add-basket API endpoint responses (API version 1.4.8)

  • The purchase_progress section of the response to get-basket-price and add-basket now includes an array of objects - one for each active wallet or progress campaign. Each object contains general wallet or progress campaign information, the previous and new balance for the customer, and an array of individual mutations. This allows API clients to build a full picture for inclusion in e.g. receipts.
  • The response to get-basket-price and add-basket now includes a voucher_created section describing vouchers which may have (provisionally) been created as a result of a transaction.

9 Feb 2023 - Improvements to CSV-based import scripts

  • Improvements made to robustness of CSV-based import scripts, accessed via Console and used for importing wallet amounts to be awarded to end-users.

30 Jan 2023 - Updates to Wallet Dashboards

  • Wallets are used in Spaaza for points, cashback, charity savings and other use cases. We updated the Console Wallet Dashboard to provide a lot more detail on mutations in a particular wallet during a period of time. For example, it is now possible to see how many mutations were made as a result of returned items or due to successful referrals.